NH School Health Care Coalition

The New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition (the “Coalition”), a unique partnership between management and labor, was formed in 1995 to assist public entities in New Hampshire address the multitude of issues affecting health insurance quality, service and costs. These organizations founded the Coalition and developed health plans called “SchoolCare”.

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The Coalition is unique in four respects:

  • We are the only organization providing health insurance to public entities in New Hampshire committed to joint labor/management decision-making. Our Board of Directors has equal representation from employees and employers. Every public entity participating in SchoolCare has a direct voice in the program through their employee and employer representatives that serve on the Membership Council.

  • We only do health insurance - medical and dental. After salary, health insurance is usually the most expensive component of employee compensation. It requires specialized knowledge, attention and service. That’s what the Coalition provides.

  • We offer firm, fixed rates by December 1. No guesswork, no guaranteed maximums or rate indications that may or may not resemble the final rates in May. Thus, our members know well in advance the cost of health insurance for the coming July.

  • We also act as consultants at no cost to school districts, towns and other public entities that want to review their health insurance options. We’re not brokers; we don’t make commissions. Representatives from the Coalition will help you examine and critique other possibilities, from self-funding to purchasing pools, and all the latest buzzwords from value based purchasing to consumer driven health care.


Kearsarge Regional School District, Employee

SchoolCare personnel have been unfailingly helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable and patient, whether by automated telephone or ‘live voice’ on the few occasions that I have had questions regarding a specific situation or concern. Thank you all!”


Prospect Mountain High School, Employer

“I would highly recommend SchoolCare to any school district looking for a new insurance provider. They have excellent customer service. Anytime I have a problem or a question SchoolCare has gone out of its way to help me or find the information that I need. SchoolCare is committed to making sure that you get the most out of your insurance plan.”

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