Consumer Driven Plan Suite

What is the Yellow Plan?

  • The Yellow Plan is an Open Access plan that does not require enrollees to select a PCP or obtain referrals to see other providers or specialists in the Cigna network. Doctors in the Cigna network are called participating providers.
  • The plan provides preventive care and certain generic drugs at no cost to enrollees.
  • All covered services (except no-cost preventive) apply to deductible and coinsurance.
  • Prescription drugs (except certain generics) are also subject to deductible and coinsurance.
  • Except in cases of emergency, enrollees must use participating providers to be eligible for benefits.
  • While not required to select a primary care physician (PCP), members are encouraged to establish and maintain a relationship with a PCP. Also, a PCP may be helpful in coordinating your care and initially arranging referrals to specialists.
  • This plan can be offered with or without an embedded HRA provided by SchoolCare to cover the first portion of the services that apply to the deductible.
  • For questions on how to activate the HRA (Choice Fund), please click here for a listing of frequently asked questions.

What is the Orange Plan?

  • The Orange Plan provides the same coverage and network as all the other SchoolCare plans
  • The Orange Plan can be offered alongside the Yellow Plan.
  • Preventive care and certain generic drugs covered at no cost.
  • All covered medical services and prescription drugs apply to the deductible.
  • Coinsurance begins after deductible has been met.
  • Continue paying coinsurance until reaching the out of pocket maximum.
  • The Orange Plan meets IRS requirements for Health Savings Account (HSA) to be used for qualified medical out of pocket expenses (deductible/coinsurance costs).