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          Welcome                                                       What's Inside?

         SchoolCare has been providing high quality health
         coverage to New Hampshire public entities for more than         2   The Basics
         25 years. We're committed to offering excellent health
         plans, the highest level of service and information, and        3   Enrollment
         engaging wellness and education programs.

                                                                         4   Benefits Spotlight

                                                                         5   Medical
        Partnerships                                                     9   Good For You! Well-Being Program

                                                                        11   Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

                                                                        12   Value Added Benefits
        A founding partner of SchoolCare, who is
        dedicated to helping coordinate benefit programs
        that fit the needs of New Hampshire public entities by          13   Dental
        providing health plan education and information, as
        well as conferences and workshops for employees.                14   Vision

                                                                        15   Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

                                                                        16   Required Notices
        SchoolCare partners with Cigna to deliver the
        best health care service and claims administration.             18   Key Contacts
        We use Cigna’s National Open Access Plus network
        of providers. This gives you access to care in every
        state across the country. Primary Care Physician (PCP)
        referrals are not required to seek care from a specialist.

        Additional partners featured in guide
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