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Benefits Spotlight                                                                                                4

     2023-24 Well-Being Program Changes                                                                                Spotlight

      Beginning July 1, 2023, there will be
      changes coming to the Good For You!
      Well-Being Program as highlighted below.
      Complete program details are available at

     •  Subscribers and covered spouses will be
        eligible to earn up to $600 each

     •  All incentives will be available beginning
        July 1, including health coaching and
        preventive care, which were formerly
        locked until the second and third
        quarters, respectively

     •  Apps & Activities is being discontinued by Cigna -  complete any
        challenges you can before the plan year ends on June 30

     •  Self-Report Healthy Events to earn up to $400/year with a maximum
        of $100/quarter

         Please refer to page 9 for more complete look at the Good For You! Well-Being Program

            Telehealth and Virtual Care                                  Fertility Assistance for All

     As a SchoolCare/
     Cigna participant
     you have access
     to a variety of
     telehealth or virtual                                        Struggling to build a family is often an unexpected
     care options for                                             and overwhelming challenge. SchoolCare's expanded
     preventive care,                                             fertility coverage aims to help take some of the stress out
     urgent care, mental                                          of it. Cigna has partnered with WINFertility to provide
     and behavioral health and dermatology. These                 you with the quality care and support you need when
     options provide the convenience of care from the             starting to build a family whether you are navigating
     comfort of your own home. Learn more about these             infertility or need reproductive assistance as a same-sex
     benefits on page 8 of this enrollment guide.                 couple. Learn more about your WINFertility benefit.
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