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        For Your Convenience

        Cigna 90 Now        SM __  90-Day Prescription Refills                                                         Medical

        The Cigna 90 Now  program makes it easier for you to fill your maintenance medications. These are the
        medications you take every day to treat an ongoing health condition like diabetes, depression, high blood
        pressure, high cholesterol or asthma.

        You choose the amount. Select a 30- or                  You choose the pharmacy, retail or home
        90-day supply.                                          delivery.

        If you choose to fill a 30-day supply, you can use any   There are thousands of retail pharmacies in your
        retail pharmacy in your plan’s network.                 plan’s network. They include local pharmacies,
                                                                grocery stores, retail chains and wholesale
        If you choose to fill a 90-day supply, you can use      warehouse stores.
        select in-network retail pharmacies that are
        approved to fill 90-day prescriptions. Click here to    Home delivery is a convenient way to get medications
        learn more about pharmacies in your network.            right to your door. The Express Scripts Pharmacy is one
                                                                of the largest home delivery options in the country.

                                     To learn more about this service, call 800-835-3784.

        Cigna Virtual Care

        Finding time to care for yourself and your family can be difficult. That’s
        why your Cigna health plan includes access to virtual medical and
        behavioral care.
        •  Access care from anywhere via video or telephone
        •  Schedule appointments online
        •  Have a prescription sent directly to your local pharmacy
        Learn more about Cigna's virtual care options.

        Urgent and Preventive Care

        Board-certified doctors and pediatricians are avail-
        able for urgent care 24/7/365 and can diagnose,           Behavioral
        treat and prescribe most medications for minor
        medical conditions, such as:                              Licensed counselors and psychiatrists can diagnose,
                                                                  treat and prescribe most medications for
        •  Allergies      •  Rashes                               non-emergency behavioral/mental health conditions.
        •  Asthma         •  Sinus infections
        •  Cold and flu   •  Sore throats                          Dermatology
        •  Fever          •  Urinary tract infections
        •  Insect bites   •  and more!                             Get customized care for skin, hair and nail conditions
                                                                   - no appointment required. Board certified dermatol-
        Virtual wellness screenings and routine visits are         ogists can review photos, provide care for common
        also available. Connect by video or phone to review        conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea,
        lab results taken prior to your visit, manage chronic      suspicious spots and more and provide a customized
        conditions, have prescriptions ordered or re-issued.       treatment plan usually within 24-hours.
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