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          Employee Assistance Program

     Medical  Making Health & Well-Being a Priority

          SchoolCare recognizes that managing work and life can be difficult. When you need extra support, you have
          resources here to assist and guide you toward the best solution. We have partnered with Cigna to offer the
          Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help you live a well balanced life.

                                    Education                      Financial / Legal Issues

       Adoption                                                                                    ID Theft
                    Relationships                                                  Depression    Violence / Abuse

                                                                        Substance Abuse
                                   Sleep                                              Death / Grief

                    EAP Assistance 24/7 at 877-622-4327 or

                                     Employer ID: sCHOOLCARe

                                                          Visit an EAP Network Provider

                                                          1-3 sessions per issue per year are available to you and your
                                                          household members. Video-based sessions are also
                                                          available to fit your schedule.

                                                          Monthly Wellness Seminars

                                                          Take part in monthly seminars year-round on topics that
                                                          apply to real-life concerns. Watch live or on-demand from a
                                                          computer, smartphone or tablet. Click here to learn more.

                                                          Behavioral Awareness Series

                                                          Cigna offers free monthly behavioral health awareness
                                                          seminars on autism, eating disorders, substance use and
                                                          children’s behavioral health issues. Click here to learn more.
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