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          Value Added Benefits

          Cigna Healthy Rewards                                  Identity Fraud Reimbursement                          Medical

          Healthy Rewards® can make staying healthy easier       Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a
          and more affordable. Just use your Cigna ID card       frightening, frustrating experience. Subscribers
          when you pay and let the savings begin. Get            in SchoolCare Health Benefit Plans
          discounts on the health products and programs you      automatically have Identity Fraud Expense
          use every day for:                                     Reimbursement through Travelers to provide
                                                                 you and your family with valuable coverage.
          •  Weight Management and Nutrition
          •  Fitness                                             Coverage Highlights
          •  Hearing Care
          •  Vision Care                                         Travelers Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
          •  Alternative Medicine                                coverage pays for expenses associated with
          •  Mind / Body                                         resolving an identity fraud event and perhaps
          •  Healthy Lifestyle                                   most importantly, gives people tools and
                                                                 information to reduce their risk of future
          Learn more on how you can start saving today.          additional fraud.

                                                                 Click here to learn more.

             Learn more about additional benefits including virtual care, mental
                                  health apps and infertility treatment.

        Virtual Physical Therapy

        Reduce joint pain at home with Hinge
        Health's digital physical therapy programs
        that can be completed at home or on-the-
        go. No copays. No office visits. No hassle.
        Just the care and convenience you need
        when you need it.
        Some of the services included are:
        •  A free tablet and wearable sensors
        •  App-guided exercise therapy
        •  Support from your personal care team.
        Learn more or register to get started today.
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