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        Earn CASH for Making Healthy Choices                                                                           Medical

        Through the program activities, you can explore who you are and HAVE FUN with your colleagues all while
        earning CASH for your healthy habits! Choose an area of focus such as food, stress, sleep, exercise, weight,
        or prevention and work toward your personal health goals one step at a time.

          SchoolCare Cigna medical subscribers and covered spouses can each earn up to
                     $600 annually. Incentives earned are paid on a quarterly basis.

        Get Started with Your myCigna Health Assessment

        The confidential Health Assessment highlights your current health status for each lifestyle habit and offers
        tips for improving your overall health and well-being. You must complete the Health Assessment to earn
        your incentives.

                       Health Assessment

                       Biometrics  $100

                       Preventive Care  up to $250

                       Case Management up to $350

                       Omada up to $350

                       Healthy Events up to $400

                       Health Coaching up to $600

                       Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Babies up to $250

                           View the Good For You! Incentive Summary to learn more.

        NOTE: Cash incentives, payments, and rewards are available upon completion of the Health Assessment
        annually. Amounts paid to well-being program participants are taxable income. Please review with your tax
        consultant for more information.
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