Page 7 - Enrollment Guide 2023-24
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        Plan Highlights

             Traditional Suite                                             Consumer Driven Suite                       Medical

                Green Plan                 All Plans Provide:                      Yellow Plan

                                           •  Self-referral to any Cigna
               Low out-of-pocket              contracted provider in the         Moderate Deductible
                    HMO-like               •  The same coverage for all              Pair with HRA

                                              services (your cost may
            Office Visits & Rx Copays         vary)                           Combined Medical & Rx OOP
                                           •  Preventive care at no cost

                 Red Plan                                                          Orange Plan
                                             For more details on specific
                 Low deductible                 plans, please review                High Deductible
                   Coinsurance                 health plan webinars.                  Pair with HSA

                   Rx Copays                                                  Combined Medical & Rx OOP

            Review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) to compare costs and coverage
               between health plans based on price, benefits, and features important to you.

        Finding Care & Costs

        Access the myCigna Directory 24/7

        After you enroll, you’ll have access to – your one-stop source for managing your health plan,
        anytime, just about any place. Finding an in-network provider has never been easier. Whether you're looking
        for a doctor, dentist or hospital, find the best choice for you in just four simple steps.

        Cigna Care Designation

        Whether looking for a primary care or specialty
        physician, finding the right doctor isn't always easy.
        Care Designation can help you find cost-effective care.

                Refer to the SchoolCare
              Health Benefits Booklet (HBB)
              for more detailed information.
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