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     Medical  SchoolCare
           SchoolCare's Commitment

           Good For You! Well-Being Program is our
           commitment to your total health. SCHOOLCARE
           is partnered with Cigna, to provide best practice,
           evidence-based, achievable and engaging well-being

                                     Well-Being Program by SCHOOLCARE

        SchoolCare's Philosophy

        This program is designed to educate and reward                   Focus on Your Path to
        subscribers and spouses for maintaining or
        improving their health and well-being.                               Total Well-Being

        What Does Well-Being Mean to You?

        Choose activities that best fit your personal health
        goals. SchoolCare's program can help EMPOWER
        you to make healthy choices through the basics of
        healthy living: food, exercise, stress, weight, sleep,
        and prevention. Take small steps toward changing
        behaviors, and ADVOCATE for yourself and the well-
        being of others.

        Access Programs at myCigna

        Whether just starting your well-being
        journey, or continuing to participate, you
        can access all available Good For You!
        Well-Being Program activities by logging
        into your account at or the
        myCigna mobile app.
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