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     Dental  Plan Options

          SchoolCare is partnered with Cigna to bring you quality dental plans at affordable rates.

          Dental plan options provide various levels of coverage for preventive and diagnostic care, fillings and basic
          restorative work, as well as major restorative care and orthodontics. Click here to locate your group specific
          dental plan summaries. Dental plan annual maximums reset July 1 .

          Choose ANY Dentist

          Members can choose ANY dentist, in or
          out of Cigna's Preferred Provider Network.

                  Refer to the SchoolCare
                   Dental Benefits Booklet
                for more detailed information.

          Oral Health Integration Program®

          Subscribers with certain medical conditions
          found to be associated with gum disease can get
          out-of-pocket costs reimbursed for specific
          dental services used to treat gum disease and
          tooth decay. Learn more.

          Brighter Score      TM

          A benefit at myCigna that enables you to compare and find dentists in the Cigna network based on the
          following key pieces of information:

                                            •  Professional History - dentist's professional and educational
                                                background, including a review of their dental license history, years of
                                                experience and any advanced training
                                            •  Patient Experience - feedback from verified participants regarding
                                                their experience with the dentist
                                            •  Overall Affordability - estimated out-of-pocket costs the participants
                                                should expect to pay for the most common procedures

          This enhanced information at myCigna helps you to make more confident and informed decisions about your
          dental care.
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