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        Offered By Your Employer Through                                                                                 Vision

        With SchoolCare vision, participants can receive quality hardware at affordable prices with low
        out-of-pocket costs. From classic styles to designer frames as well as affordable contact lenses, there are
        many options to fit your preferences and budget.

        The VSP Advantage

        As a participant, you’ll enjoy more value and low out-of-pocket costs                           Frames*
        for high quality eyewear. View the VSP Benefit Plan Summary.                                $130 allowance
                                                                                   Lenses                 $180 for
                                                                                 $25 copay             featured brands

        Valuable Savings

        Choose from a wide selection of lenses and/or frames that                                  Contact
        complement your lifestyle, and contacts. VSP makes it easy to explore                      Lenses
        all your options. Purchase hardware from an in-network VSP provider                   $130 allowance
        or shop online at                                                          in lieu of glasses

                          Provider Choices you want

                                                                                            *every other plan year
                          VSP Choice Network Plus includes:
                          •  Walmart
                          •  Visionworks
                          •  Pearl Vision                                     It's Easy to Use Your Benefit

                                                                              Create an account on to view
                                                                              your in-network coverage, find the
                                                                              VSP network provider offering quality
                                                                              hardware at discounted savings with
                                                                              exclusive member extras.

                                                                              At your appointment, just tell them
                                                                              you have VSP hardware coverage. Click
                                                                              here for more information on how to
                                                                              create your VSP account.

                                                                        NOTE: The VSP plan does not cover vision
                                                                        exams. If you have SchoolCare/Cigna
                                                                        medical, your annual eye exam is covered as
                                                                        preventive care at no cost.
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