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        The Basics

        An Employee who meets all of the conditions for eligibility                                                    The Basics
        set by their Employer and SchoolCare is eligible to
        enroll as a Subscriber. Employees must apply within
        30 days after first meeting their Employer's eligibility
        requirements or during an Open Enrollment Period.

        Eligible Dependents

        Employees may also enroll their eligible family members

        •  Legally married spouse
        •  Domestic partner and their children, if offered by
            Employer                                                                Refer to the SchoolCare
        •  Dependent children under age 26
                                                                                  Health Benefits Booklet (HBB)
                                                                                  for more detailed information.

        Qualifying Life Events

        Per IRS regulations, you can only change your elections annually during the Open Enrollment period, unless
        you have a qualifying life event. SchoolCare Open Enrollment generally begins on April 15  and runs through
        May 31 .  For a qualifying life event, Subscribers must provide notice and required documentation within 30
        days of the event. Examples include:
        •  Marriage                                   •  Divorce/legal separation (within 60 days)

        •  Loss of other insurance coverage           •  Birth of a child
        •  Adoption/legal guardianship                •  Death

        Changes you make during Open Enrollment to your medical, dental, vision and Health
        Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) will take effect on July 1, 2023, and are binding
        through June 30, 2024, unless you experience a qualifying life event (examples above).

      You MUST take action if you want to:                       If you do NOT make changes:

      Enroll for the first time or make changes to your          Your current health coverages automatically continue
      current medical, dental, and vision coverages, or          for the July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, plan year.
      contribute to an FSA.

                        NOTE: You must annually make an FSA election to continue your contribution.
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