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     Enrollment  Key Steps

         This page contains important information and key steps you should review before making benefit elections.
         If you have any questions about this information, please contact your Human Resources Office or

                                                                       myCigna - Your
             Your Enrollment Checklist                                 Personal Health

                                                                       Subscribers have a simple
              Read through this entire Enrollment Guide to             way to personalize, organize
                                                                       and access plan information. Manage claims,
              understand benefit options available.
                                                                       review coverage, order prescriptions, access
                                                                       your Good For You! Well-Being Program and
              Attend an on-site or virtual meeting, or view the        more all from or the mobile app.
              recorded Open Enrollment presentation.
                                                                       Don't Forget Your Choice Fund

              Think about your health history and care needs that      Subscribers enrolled in the Yellow Plan with
              might have changed since the last plan year.             Choice Fund must complete a confidential
                                                                       Cigna Health Assessment annually to activate
                                                                       their Choice Fund.

              Gather dependent information, including social           •  Biometric data is not required
              security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, emails/     •  Current Subscribers complete between
              phone numbers.                                              June 1  and July 31 st
                                                                       •  New Subscribers complete within 60 days
                                                                          of your effective date.
              Click here to locate your group specific Benefit
              Summaries and Enrollment/Change Form.                                                $2,000

                                                                                    $1,000      Two-Person/
              Complete your Enrollment/Change Form and submit
              to your Human Resources Office by May 26 .
                                                                          sCHOOLCARe/Cigna ID Cards
              Review your current FSA options and ask your
              employer for an election form if you want to                Medical ID cards will be issued only to
              contribute in the 2023-24 plan year.                        participants changing plans or new
                                                                          enrollees for the 2023-24 year.

              Set a reminder to complete your confidential Health         NOTE: If you have Cigna
              Assessment at myCigna to earn Good For You!                 dental, your medical ID
              Well-Being Program incentives and/or activate your          card also serves as your
              Choice Fund, if applicable.                                 dental ID.
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