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September 2019

thumb-vitamin-sep2019Be Open To Being Open-Minded  
Open-mindedness is a strength that can help you solve problems and discover new possibilities in life. It means being flexible and willing to accept when you’re wrong. Being open-minded involves listening to all sides without letting your own bias get in the way. [ Read More » ]

 August 2019

thumb_cigna_preventive_care_newsletterKnow Your Current Health Status 
Many chronic health problems are preventable and reversible. Being proactive about your health and getting timely preventive care screenings can help you gain the insight you need to make informed, healthy lifestyle choices, and, become a healthier you. [ Read More » ]

July 2019

thumb_cigna_invest_in_your_health_newsletterInvest In Your health  
Investing in your health can deliver big returns in the future, like living a longer, happier life. There’s no time like today to get started!. [ Read More » ]

June 2019

thumb-vitamin_june2019Shedding Light On Skin Cancer Types  
An estimated one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. While it’s true that fair-skinned people who sunburn easily are at the highest risk, anyone can get skin cancer, no matter their skin tone. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of skin cancer.. [ Read More » ]

April 2019

thumb_vitaMin_apr2019Shop Around To Help Save Money On Surgery 
The costs of surgery can vary a lot from one provider to the next. For example, hip or knee replacement surgery may cost thousands of dollars more (or less), depending on where you go. You have a lot to gain by shopping around for quality care at a lower cost, especially if you’re paying a portion of health care costs out of your own pocket.. [ Read More » ]

March 2019

Don't Skimp On Healthy Fats 
Fat isn’t all bad – as long as you know which foods to eat, and what to avoid. Do you know the difference between good-for-you fats and the artery-clogging type? Read on for a closer look. [ Read More » ]

February 2019

Boost Your Brain Power
Everyone has minor memory lapses from time to time – like losing keys or forgetting names. That’s normal. The good news is, you can take healthy steps now to help protect your brain. Try these tips to enhance your brain health at any age. [ Read More » ]

January 2019

Chase Away The Blues With Exercise
Do you gravitate toward the couch when you're feeling sad, worried or stressed out? It's normal to just want to veg out when you're feeling down. But if you do something active instead, you'll get the physical benefits of exercise- plus a natural boost to your mood. [ Read More » ]

 December 2018

Give the gift of self-compassion
Everyone has bad days. When things don't go your way, it's easy to get down on yourself. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, try to think about what went right. Also treat yourself with kindness - the same kindness you give others when they make a mistake. [ Read More » ]

November 2018

Boost your health by quitting sugar
It's no secret that eating sugar can add up to weight gain, but you might be surprised by how quickly it can happen. Adding one sugar-sweetened soft drink to your day - without cutting back on calories elsewhere - can lead to a 15-pound weight gain over three years. [ Read More » ]

October 2018

Choosing a health care provider is key to managing your health. You want to find a provider you can trust and a clinic location that's comfortable and convenient for you and your family. Taking a few minutes to find the right fit may be well worth it, because having a good relationship with your doctor can help you be proactive about your health. [ Read More » 

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