Frequently Asked Questions

How long has SchoolCare offered health benefit plans to NH public employees?

SchoolCare was introduced in November 1995. As of July 1, 2021, there are approximately 8,700 subscribers (plus their dependents) in 91 school districts, towns, and other public entities throughout New Hampshire.

If we change from our current insurance carrier, are there any waiting periods or limitations on pre-existing conditions?

There are no waiting periods or limitations on pre-existing conditions for any benefits covered by the SchoolCare plan.

What is the relationship between SchoolCare and Cigna HealthCare?

SchoolCare is a uniquely designed program developed by the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition, a labor/management partnership. Through a competitive bidding process, Healthsource New Hampshire, now Cigna HealthCare, was awarded the contract to administer the benefits of SchoolCare. The Coalition, on behalf of its member school districts and towns, monitors the program for service, quality, and cost.

Has the Coalition surveyed its subscribers to determine the level of satisfaction with the SchoolCare program?

Yes. A recent survey of SchoolCare subscribers showed that 99% were satisfied with the quality of their health care and 97% of respondents would recommend SchoolCare to a fellow educator in another school district. Additionally, SchoolCare and the National Education Association of New Hampshire have full-time staff members available to assist employees with any issues or problems that may arise.

Is the SchoolCare plan available at group rates to retirees?

Yes. The same SchoolCare plans are available to early retirees at group rates. With Cigna HealthCare, retirees in every state across the country can access network providers, thus reducing their out of pocket expenses. Medicare subscribers may enroll in SchoolCare 65+, a program specially designed to coordinate benefits with Medicare and provide prescription drug coverage.

Note: Prescription drug coverage may be waived when enrolling in the 65+ Plan.

What has been the recent history of rate increases for SchoolCare?

In the past three years, rates have increased on average 5.8%. Guaranteed rates are announced each December to assist locals early in the budget development and negotiations process.

What other programs and services are offered by SchoolCare?

There are a wide variety of Value Added Benefits to encourage members to stay healthy, including cash incentives for exercising regularly, Flu Vaccine Clinics at no cost to members, seminars and biometric screenings arranged at the work site, and an Employee Assistance Program available 24/7. For employers, SchoolCare provides a full range of services, including COBRA, HIPAA, Retiree Administration, and Flexible Spending Account Administration.