Medical Plans

SchoolCare has partnered with Cigna for many years to deliver comprehensive health care service and claims administration. We use Cigna’s National Open Access Plus network of providers. This gives you access to care in every state of the country! Primary Care Physician (PCP) referrals are not required to seek care from a specialist.

What exactly does a National Network mean?

The expanded provider network consists of any Cigna contracted provider or facility in the country. Participants have in-network coverage not only regionally, but nationally as long as services are provided by a Cigna contracted provider (members always have access to emergency care anywhere, worldwide). This widens the network of providers even further.

What does Open Access mean?

Open Access means there is no requirement for a primary care physician (PCP) for any plans. You will not need to declare a PCP and therefore, no PCP referrals are required. Participants can make appointments and receive services for in-network covered benefits with any Cigna participating provider without obtaining a referral from your PCP.

Traditional Plan Suite and Consumer Driven Plan Suite

Beginning July 1, 2016, SchoolCare now offers Members the option of choosing between two plan suites by bargaining group. The Traditional Plan Suite includes long-established copay plans as well as an introduction to a plan with a small deductible. The Consumer Driven Plan Suite offers high deductible health plans that may be offered with an HRA or HSA, depending on the plan. All plans within a suite can be offered alongside one another.

For an in depth webinar on each plan, click here to visit our Health Plan webinar page »

Medical Plan Comparison

Click the image below to download a PDF of the medical plan comparison chart.

SchoolCare medical plan comparison chart

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