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Apps & Activities Sunsetting in July, Complete Your Incentives Now!

news-Apps-and-activities-ending-2023Published May 12, 2023

Beginning on July 1, 2023, there is one Good For You! Well-Being Program incentive that may be noticeably absent. As of June 30, 2023, Cigna will no longer offer the Apps & Activities program that has been available for the last four years. However, coming in July, your ability to earn incentives for these types of activities will become more streamlined. 

For Well-Being Program participants who’ve grown accustomed to tracking a variety of health and wellness goals that Apps & Activities offers, this means that you must complete your 20 stars by June 30th. There will be no carryover into the 2023-24 plan year. 

If you use a wearable tracking device to track steps, workouts or sleep, your tracking will continue until June 30th. If you manually enter your progress by logging onto the Apps & Activities website or mobile app, make sure to log any activities from your final week of the quarter by the end of the day on Friday, June 30th. Each $50 incentive earned in the fourth quarter as a result of completing 20 stars for your activities will be paid with your Q4 well-being incentives at the end of July. 

Login to Apps & Activities today to see where you are toward your goals and keep it up between now and the end of the plan year. Stay tuned for updates to the Good For You! Well-Being Program for 2023-24 and more information on how you can continue to earn well-being incentives for physical activity, healthy eating, practicing mindfulness and more.  

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