The Pulse of SchoolCare, September 2022

Stay Motivated, Improve Your Health and Earn Cash with Enhancements to Your Routines

Published September 21, 2022

With the start of fall and the hustle and bustle of back-to-school changing up routines, summer’s slower paced days may be turning into a sunny memories. The season change is the perfect time to look at refreshing routines to help ease transition into busier days and nights.

Research shows the value of following routines and taking certain parts of repeat decision-making out of our lives can provide significant psychological and health benefits.

Even if you already have set daily, weekly, or monthly routines, there are always modifications that can be made to get more out of your day.

Use Your Good For You! Well-Being Program to Enhance Your Routines

The Good For You! Well-Being Program provides cash incentives for a wide range of activities that help improve your overall health. Seeing your doctor for a routine check-up each year is covered at no charge to you as annual preventive care, and it earns you a $75 incentive.

Using Apps and Activities, you can track activities you are already doing like exercising or regularly preparing healthy meals or enhance your routines by adding in some meditation before bedtime or setting up a wind down routine in the evenings to help you sleep better.

Throughout the year, you can earn $50 per completed goal in Apps & Activities, up to eight goals per year, for a total of $400.

To get started:

  • Log in to on your computer and click on Apps & Activities under the Wellness tab, or download the Apps & Activities app on your smartphone and sign in using your myCigna credentials.
  • Choose a goal you’d like to complete from the menu of options.
  • Set your goal parameters (choose at least four days per week to earn the max number of stars each week.)
  • You can connect a fitness tracker to track steps, distance and minutes completed for certain activities, or log in when you complete activities to mark them as done. (If manually recording activities, you must do so before midnight on Sunday to log activities for the preceding day.)
  • You will receive a $50 incentive for completing 20 stars per goal.

Watch the video above for a short how-to tutorial. If you need additional support, log in to Apps & Activities, click on the “Rewards” menu and select the “How to Earn” tab for answers to some FAQs or call customer support at 800-853-2713.

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