The Pulse of SchoolCare, February 2020

Faces of SchoolCare: Meet Group Relations Specialist, Jana Dalton

Published February 1, 2021

What brought you to SchoolCare?

I was informed by my former colleague, Joanne Trainor that SchoolCare had a Group Relations Specialist position open.  She and I had enjoyed working together in the past and I was looking to make a positive career change (Plus, Joanne told me how wonderful everyone was at SchoolCare). I trusted her judgment and was eager to join the team. Since then, I have enjoyed supporting our member groups for over 7 years!

What is something you have learned about healthcare and/or wellness that you want to share with others?

I have learned how interconnected everything is – from our own decisions, our direct providers, our insurance companies, and beyond to the bigger picture.  We can help ourselves by taking care of our health and making informed decisions when it comes to our medical needs.  It is not always easy to learn about consumer-driven healthcare, but it is a worthy endeavor.  If we can all become better informed and mindful about these aspects, I believe our nation’s healthcare system can improve.

What do you do to stay motivated through the colder months?

Let me start by saying that getting out of a warm bed in the morning is REALLY difficult!  However, that first step out of bed is the hardest.  Once I’m up, I’m ready.  Right now, I try to hit the gym each morning.  Every couple of weeks, I take a day off to rest but working out remains a solid part of my routine.  I always feel better mentally and physically after a great workout.  When I have more time in my schedule (perhaps on a weekend) I go for a walk outside or a more strenuous hike in the mountains.  Getting outside, enjoying nature, and feeling my chilly nose helps me appreciate our beautiful world and avoid winter gloom.

When you find yourself struggling, what resources do you reach to for help?

When I’m struggling emotionally or physically, I count on my friends and family for support.  I’m fortunate to have an amazing teenage son who is one of my best friends in life.  I also have a wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me when I need him.  Finally, my parents, sister, and best gal friend are very caring and ready to assist whenever I need them.  On top of these wonderful people in my life, I meditate regularly and enjoy other positive self-care activities such as reading to soothe my soul.

Have you tried anything new this year to improve your wellness routine?

I’ve tried incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet, which I wasn’t doing a great job of previously.  I find that I feel better than ever (even though I do miss my naughty snacks sometimes).  Doing this, on top of my regular weight training and cardio regime, helps me feel my best.  When it comes to emotional well-being, I find that helping others is a great way to relieve stress. So, I’ve recently started training to become a Reiki practitioner.  I’ve always been intrigued by Reiki and have had treatments done to me before. I came to realize that I might be great at providing treatments to others. So, here goes!

How do you stay connected to a support system when you can't be in-person?

It has been tough staying connected to my parents, sister, and friends during this long-term quarantine.  I’ve seen my parents in person only once or twice in the last year, and that’s been the biggest challenge.  I try to compensate by calling and Facetiming with them regularly. We also host web meetings on holidays to feel connected.  Overall, I have tried to make the most of this quiet year apart from my loved ones. Even though being an introvert helps me to cope I can hardly wait to hug the heck out of my parents and best friend as soon as it’s safe again!  

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