The Pulse of SchoolCare, April 2022

New Program Offered for SchoolCare/Cigna Participants with Type 2 Diabetes


Published April 12, 2022

Beginning this month, a new program is being offered to SchoolCare/Cigna subscribers and their eligible dependents who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

DayTwo, recently seen on Good Morning America, is a precision nutrition program, personalized for the individual participant based on their unique microbiomes and additional clinical parameters.

What is a microbiome? Microbiomes are the collection of all the microbes associated with our bodies, and it plays a significant role in our health. Microbes train our immune systems and help our bodies recognize friends from foe. Insulin resistance is associated with certain factors of the gut microbiome.

DayTwo built a model that predicts glycemic response for foods and food combinations more accurately than simply counting carbohydrates. SchoolCare/Cigna is piloting this program for those who meet the clinical criteria of type 2 diabetes. DayTwo is proven to help lower A1C, assist with weight loss, improve time-in-range, and reduce the number of medications participants are taking.

You may see communications in coming days via email or mail with more information and how to determine if you are a candidate to participate in this program that helps balance your blood sugar naturally through a personalized diet.

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