The Pulse of SchoolCare, November 2022

Let Health Coaching Be Your Guide to a Healthier, Less Stressed Version of You

 Man riding stationary bikePublished November 11, 2022

After ending a 12-year-relationship, moving into a new home, quitting smoking and changing careers, 37-year-old Matt thought he was regaining a hold on his life. Then his younger sister died unexpectedly. Unable to cope by himself with the stress and depression after so much change in a short time, he sought help from Cigna’s stress management coaching program with a telephonic health coach.

On his first call, Matt’s coach listened to his challenges and helped put together a plan to address insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, loss of sleep and difficulty focusing. She also encouraged him to speak with a counselor through his Employee Assistance Program for further mental health support.

Through a series of coaching calls, Matt’s health coach helped him develop a plan for setting realistic expectations of himself, letting go of perfectionist tendencies and reintroducing an exercise routine in his life. She helped him rediscover enjoyment in exercising, which helped reduce stress and build back confidence. She helped Matt identify stress triggers and strategic ways to cope with them.

Get help with health coaching

Whether you are looking for support with a personal well-being goal like reducing stress, losing weight or quitting smoking, or you need assistance managing a chronic condition like asthma, diabetes or heart disease, you have access to telephonic and online health coaching programs as a SchoolCare/Cigna health plan participant.

These programs became available in your myCigna portal beginning October 1st and if you have completed your Cigna Online Health Assessment you can earn cash incentives for making progress toward and completing the goals you set.

Telephonic coaching provides one-on-one support

Like Matt, you can access one-on-one telephonic support with a certified health coach who can help develop a plan and guide you toward your goal. Your health coach may help uncover obstacles you didn’t know were in your way and provide the support you need to succeed.

As part of the Good For You! Well-Being Program, you can earn incentives for making progress toward overcoming chronic conditions ($100) and making progress toward ($25) and achieving ($50) health goals, up to $350 per plan year. Learn how to get started.

Online coaching helps you take manageable steps to meet a goal

Online health coaching also provides structure and helps you focus on making incremental changes by setting up personalized plans based on your goals and your answers to guided prompts. The programs provide weekly, daily and occasional tasks to complete and informative content to help you succeed in meeting your goal.

You can also earn a $50 well-being incentive for each program you complete, up to $250 per plan year. Learn more and get started.

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