The Pulse of SchoolCare, March 2022

Your Questions Answered: How Do I Connect With a Health Coach? 


Published March 11, 2022

Health care can be complicated. Whether you have questions about coverage for preventive, on-going or emergency care, help with claims, or more information about wellness benefits, vision and dental care or ancillary benefits – it’s our goal at SchoolCare to help. 

In this new segment we’ll answer some of the questions we receive most frequently from SchoolCare participants. If you have a question you think others might also wonder about, please email us at with “Your Questions Answered” in the subject line and we’ll address it in an upcoming edition of the Pulse of SchoolCare.  

Q. I’m looking to improve my diet and increase my strength – how can I get started working with a health coach? 

A. Congratulations on taking this important step to help improve your health! 

Working with a health coach is a convenient and effective way to achieve goals both large and small. Your SchoolCare benefits not only allow you to work with a telephonic health coach at no added cost, but you can also earn up to $350 in cash incentives for setting, making progress toward and achieving your personal goals. Your health coach will help keep you on track and strategize for long-term success. It’s personalized, goal driven, and your sessions are one-on-one and strictly confidential. 

>>Click here to read more about telephonic health coaching and tips for success.<<

There are a few categories you may consider focusing on through telephonic health coaching – setting a personal goal, like increasing strength, losing weight, or eating a healthier diet and/or working on improving a long-term health problem such as congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes, low back pain and more.  

Getting started is just a phone call away –call Cigna Customer Service today at 800-244-6224 to schedule an appointment with a coach.  

Login to your myCigna account, hover over the Wellness menu and click on health coaching to learn more about your available incentives through telephonic health coaching or learn more about online health coaching if you would prefer to complete a digital-only program. 

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