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Share a Laugh – Decrease Stress

Published April 5, 2020

When it comes to relieving stress, a good laugh might be just what the doctor ordered. Studies show that laughing has many short and long-term health benefits. Laughter has been shown to improve mood, soothe tension, relieve the stress response, and more!

5 reasons to add a little chuckle, cackle, ha-ha, or LOL to your day:

  1. Distraction. When you laugh, you aren’t thinking about work deadlines or those dirty dishes. Laughter gives your brain a break from worry and stress. 
  2. Improved mood. Nothing crushes a bad mood like a good laugh. Laughing produces a sense of well-being and can help diffuse negative feelings. 
  3. Decreased stress. According to Mayo Clinic, Cortisol is our primary stress hormone that circulates through the body when stressed. Laughter can decrease this by increasing our oxygen intake and stimulating circulation. 
  4. Feel better. Mayo Clinic also states that laughing increases the number of endorphins (the “feel-good chemical our brain produces”) released in the body, to promote a positive mood. 
  5. Social connection. Sharing laughs with loved ones can help you feel more connected and happier overall.

We can all use more laughter in our life. Whether you follow a funny meme account or want to host a family comedy game night, make sure you take time to laugh each day.

Let’s go ahead and give it a try!

Check out these staff-approved, chuckle-worthy videos to add a little more humor into your day (oh, and don’t forget to share!):

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