The Pulse of SchoolCare October, 2020

Stress & YOU

Published October 1, 2020

How are you doing? This is a question we often ask others but forget to ask ourselves. During the current unprecedented times, it’s important to check in with yourself each day. If you find that you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’s no surprise. The current times have brought on more challenges then many of us were prepared for. While managing these stressors can be difficult, there are resources available to help you cope in a healthy way.   

Why is your stress level so important?

Have you ever felt tired and run down after a stressful week? According to the American Psychological Association (APA), your state of mind is directly correlated with your physical health. Stress can even weaken the immune system and raise the chance of getting physically sick. This means that focusing on your mental well-being is more important than ever as we head into cold and flu season.

How can I cope with added stress?

Everyone responds to stress differently. So, understanding your personal reaction is key to developing healthy coping strategies. In addition, it’s helpful to address the work and life factors that may be contributing to your stress. If you aren’t sure how to begin, the Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a great resource to get you started. EAP is a free, confidential well-being benefit available to you and your household to help manage life stressors such as:

  • Work/life resources (elder care, child care, pet care)
  • Financial services 
  • Legal services 
  • And more!

Access your EAP benefit at or by calling 800-244-6224.

Learn about your personal stress style: Attend a free virtual EAP seminar on Tuesday October 20th at 4pm. RSVP today.

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