The Pulse of SchoolCare, October 2021

Ready, Set, Goal! Set New Routines With Health Coaching

Published October 14, 2021

Making your health a priority isn’t always easy, but it is important. If you need a way to kickstart a new healthy routine, there are two programs that make it easy, and even fun, to set attainable goals and stay on track.

Telephonic Health Coaching (Earn up to $350)

If you feel like you need an extra push and motivation, telephonic health coaching might be right for you. Benefits include:

  • Assistance in making progress toward personal health goals and overcoming chronic health problems
  • Easy-to-follow plans that are customized to your needs and abilities
  • One-on-one support and encouragement from a live coach invested in helping you succeed

Online Health Coaching (Earn up to $250)

With a little self-motivation and easy-to-follow action plans, online health coaching is a great way to get started in achieving any numbers of different goals.

  • 12 programs to choose from to assist in a wide variety of goals from weight or stress management to quitting tobacco, controlling asthma and more
  • Plans can be followed from your myCigna webpage, the myCigna app or the Apps & Activities app
  • Programs are designed with daily, weekly and one-time activities over the course of four weeks to three months

Telephonic and online health coaching programs are available for Good For You! Well-Being Program incentives annually beginning October 1st. These programs are included for SchoolCare medical plan subscribers and covered spouses, and SchoolCare 65+ participants.

To get started login to your myCigna account and click on “view my incentives” in the “Incentives tile.” Connect with a telephonic health coach today by calling 800-244-6224.

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