Well-Being Recharge 2024

Prioritize Your Long-Term Health by Scheduling Your Annual Preventive Care

2024_WBRC_wk2Published January 30, 2024

SchoolCare's Well-Being Recharge highlights programs available to support you in meeting health goals and guidance on how all SchoolCare subscribers and covered partners/spouses can use the Good For You! Well-Being Program for wholistic wellness and earn your max $600 in cash incentives. And just for dropping by to read the articles, you can enter to win one or more of 165 raffle prizes valued at a total of $5,000. Fill out the entry linked at the bottom of the page. For a bonus entry, click the video to watch a video pop quiz.


Often brushed aside or forgotten in our busier-than-ever lives are annual physicals or well visits. These visits are an important part of maintaining health and reducing the risk of preventable disease, which when detected early can be easier and less costly to treat.

Last year saw the return to pre-pandemic utilization trends and as such annual physicals/well-visits among SchoolCare participants climbed by 1% last year. However, still only 56% recorded preventive care visits with their primary care physician or via a virtual visit.

Make this a non-negotiable on your calendar and schedule your annual physical and your OB-GYN visit where appropriate before the plan year ends in June. These are no cost to you and among several physician-recommended preventive care measures that can earn up to a total of $400 in Good For You! Well-Being incentives.

What else is included in my preventive care?


An annual biometric screening is recommended as results can indicate risk factors for conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, 80% of which is preventable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and provide a baseline for your health for you and your provider. There are a couple ways to complete your screening.



  • If ordered at a Quest or Labcorp facility, data will automatically transfer to your myCigna account within 10 business days.
  • If ordered at an alternate facility, ask your physician to complete a Physician Lab Form then follow the instructions at the top of the form to submit to Cigna for incentive.

Cancer screenings

As a likely result of a downturn in preventive cancer screenings during the pandemic, claims data from Cigna revealed a 35% increase in cancer diagnoses among SchoolCare participants in 2022-23 as compared to 2021-22. Yet, while Cigna’s data showed a decrease in cervical and colon cancer screening from 2022 to 2023, mammograms were up 5% and more than 50% of new diagnoses for breast cancer last year were caught in the early stages.

SchoolCare participants have no-cost access to screenings for breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancer. While dermatological cancer screenings are subject to copays and/or deductibles, you should speak with your provider about a routine check as skin cancers accounted for nearly 30% of all SchoolCare participants who underwent treatment for cancer last year.

Dental and eye health

All SchoolCare/Cigna medical plans include an annual preventive eye exam to check the health of your eyes. You can self-report your annual eye exam as a healthy event for a $25 Good For You! incentive.

Dental check-ups, whether completed through SchoolCare-provided coverage, another plan or out-out-pocket is also eligible for a $25 incentive through the self-reporting feature in myCigna.

Click here to learn more about how to self-report these and other healthy activities.


Talk with your provider about your personal vaccination schedule.

Annual flu shots are the only vaccine eligible for Good For You! incentives, but numerous others, including, but not limited to flu shot, COVID-19, pneumonia, Shingrix and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) are available at no cost to you as part of preventive care.

Virtual Care

Whether you do not have a current provider or simply need some more flexibility in scheduling, MDLIVE through Cigna is available for scheduling a virtual well visit with a board certified provider who will conduct a video preventive care appointment. Prior to your virtual visit, you will need to schedule a lab visit for biometric screening to discuss your lab work during the call. Read more.

How to earn your preventive care Good For You! incentives


To earn your incentives you must complete your annual online health assessment found in your myCigna portal. If you have not completed your health assessment yet this year, but have attended preventive care appointments, your incentives are waiting. Login to your myCigna account and click on “My health assessment” under the wellness tab to get started. It takes just 10-15 minutes. You must complete it by May 30, 2024, to earn incentives for this plan year.

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