Well-Being Recharge 2024

Access Numerous Benefits Available to Support Behavioral Health

2024_WBRC_wk3Published February 7, 2024

SchoolCare's Well-Being Recharge highlights programs available to support you in meeting health goals and guidance on how all SchoolCare subscribers and covered partners/spouses can use the Good For You! Well-Being Program for wholistic wellness and earn your max $600 in cash incentives. And just for dropping by to read the articles, you can enter to win one or more of 165 raffle prizes valued at a total of $5,000. Fill out the entry linked at the bottom of the page. For a bonus entry, click the video to watch a video pop quiz.


When it comes to your health, issues that affect you – from stress, anxiety and depression, to ADD/ADHD, substance misuse and more – can have a long term impact if left untreated. Last year, 37% of SchoolCare participants were living with a behavioral health diagnosis (as compared to Cigna’s national average of 25%).

The connection between mental health and quality of life is tremendous, which is why the options  you have as a SchoolCare/Cigna health plan participant are ever-changing and growing to meet the need for support. Learn more below about how to get support for behavioral health for you and your family.

Access to Traditional Care

All SchoolCare participants have access to in-person counseling and psychiatry, as well as in-patient hospitalization and out-patient facilities (with prior authorization) for both mental health and substance use disorders. You can find more information about your specific plan coverages by reviewing the Health Benefits Summary for your plan or the Health Benefits Booklet on SchoolCare’s “Plan Documents” page. Find a local provider by logging into myCigna and clicking on the “Find Care & Costs” tab.

  • Cigna’s Guided Navigation tool helps point
    you to suggested resources based on a short
    assessment of how you are feeling on a given day.

Virtual coaching, therapy and psychiatry

SchoolCare/Cigna participants also have access to more than a dozen telehealth options for behavioral health support. These programs are especially helpful for anyone experiencing long wait times to get connected to a local provider or wanting more flexibility for location of care. Virtual care options range in cost based on the program and include a few that are available at no-cost through your SchoolCare/Cigna-sponsored Employee Assistance Program. There are also programs geared specifically for kids and teens and their parents. 

To get started, log in to your myCigna account and click on the “Talk to a Doctor” button on the home screen. Click “Continue” under Counseling and either choose from your list of needs or click “skip” to get a full list of virtual/telehealth options.

Employee Assistance Program

Your EAP program provides resources for any number of issues that arise. As a SchoolCare participant, you are provided three free calls per issue with a counselor to discuss your specific concerns. Your counselor may provide real-time guidance or referrals for additional support.

To access these benefits, call Cigna at 877-622-4327 anytime 24/7 and use the Employer ID: SchoolCare or log in to your account at myCigna.com and click on “Employee Assistance Program” under the “Coverage” tab.

EAP coverage is available to anyone who resides with the subscriber, including a nanny, parent, or in-law.

EAP Wellness Webcasts can also help provide you with strategies to handle various lifestyle challenges. Explore the library of webcasts and register at Cigna.com/EAPWebcasts for a live 1-hour seminar OR watch an on-demand replay at your convenience.

Reframe Your Mindset

If you feel as though you could simply use a way to reframe negative thoughts for a happier outlook on life, consider checking out Happify, a free app for SchoolCare/Cigna participants that uses science-based activities and games to help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life's challenges. Happify fits into your busy schedule and can be accessed anytime from a desktop or mobile device. Get started in your myCigna portal, click EAP under the coverage tab and find Happify in the Behavioral Health Resources.

WBRC-Hinge-Testimonial-2024Pain and Your Mental Health

If pain is impacting your mental health, you aren’t alone. In fact, 62% of SchoolCare participants who live with depression have comorbidities that include back pain and obesity. But Hinge Health can help! Available to all SchoolCare/Cigna participants ages 18 and older, Hinge Health offers virtual exercise therapy in easy 15-minute sessions that can be done from your home.

In 2023, Hinge Health shared that SchoolCare participants reported a 50% reduction in depression, a 56% reduction in anxiety and a 51% increase in productivity since joining the program. Learn more and register today.

How to earn your preventive care Good For You! incentives

Here are three ways to earn Good For You! incentives for prioritizing your mental health. Click through for flyers with more information.

thumb-health-coachingTelephonic Coaching (up to $350)
Engage with a health professional for support in making progress toward overcoming chronic conditions and making progress toward and achieving health goals.

thumb_cigna_preventive_care_newsletterOnline Coaching (up to $250)
Participate in four-week programs to monitor your mood and feel happier, or track and control your stress levels.

2023-Healthy-Events-Flyer-thumbSelf-Reported Healthy Events (up to $400)
Self-report activities that benefit your total well-being, including physical, social, emotional and financial.

To earn your incentives you must complete your annual online health assessment found in your myCigna portal. If you have not completed your health assessment yet this year, but have attended preventive care appointments, your incentives are waiting. Login to your myCigna account and click on “My health assessment” under the wellness tab to get started. It takes just 10-15 minutes. You must complete it by May 30, 2024, to earn incentives for this plan year.

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