Well-Being Recharge 2022

Strengthen Your Physical and Mental Health Through Exercise

Published January 12, 2022

Welcome to Week 2 of SchoolCare's 2022 Well-Being Recharge. This week, we will focus on exercise to improve your physical and mental health and information about a new, free benefit to help with chronic and injury-related joint pain. Watch the video to hear more from NEA-NH/SchoolCare's Coordinator of Benefit Programs, Jeff Kantorowski, about this new program available to all SchoolCare Cigna medical participants age 18 and older.

*And don’t forget to register for this week’s raffle! We have four (4) gift cards to Flote in Portsmouth or Hampton and six (6) Series 3 Apple Watches! Details in the image below. Raffle registration is open until Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022, at noon.


Regular exercise has many benefits, particularly, keeping your physical health in check by helping to prevent or improve medical conditions. It is also shown to improve your emotional and mental health as well as self-esteem and cognitive function.

Exercise does not have to be high intensity, nor does it mean pricey gym memberships. No matter your age or fitness level, there are ways to add activity to your day. Check out suggestions for getting started, and as always, we recommend you speak with your doctor if you are planning to significantly change your level of activity.

WBRC Raffle Week 2Free In-Home Exercise Therapy

If chronic or injury-related joint pain regularly hinders your ability to exercise, you are not alone. Last year alone, 57% of SchoolCare's subscribers – more than 12,000 individuals – saw a doctor for joint pain or injury.

SchoolCare announced in November a new partnership with Hinge Health to provide no-cost digital exercise therapy for all SchoolCare/Cigna medical plan participants age 18 and older. Whether you are dealing with a chronic condition, overcoming an injury or need support before or after a surgery, Hinge Health offers innovative virtual programs in easy 15-minute sessions that can be done from your home.

As a SchoolCare/Cigna medical participant, you can connect live with one of Hinge Health’s certified health coaches or physical therapists who will meet with you virtually, one-on-one, to tailor your exercise/therapy program to your specific needs.

What’s more, Hinge Health offers preventive programs to help keep you active and injury-free. Read more about Hinge Health here, watch the video above, or register today to get started.

Exercise and Earn Cash for Your Efforts

One of the best things about the Good For You! Well-Being Program is it is designed to meet you where you are. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, someone working their way back from injury or simply looking to increase your activity to improve your health and well-being, you can earn cash incentives for the effort you put in. There are multiple ways to earn these incentives:

  • Online Health Coaching can help you enjoy exercise in a way that is right for you. To get started, read more here or watch this SchoolCare Snippet about online health coaching. Complete the “Enjoy Exercise” coaching goal for a $50 incentive.

  • Telephonic Health Coaching allows you to connect with a coach who will assist you in setting up personal goals based on your health and lifestyle. Earn $25 each for making progress toward two health goals and $50 each for completing two health goals. Learn more.

  • Use Apps & Activities at myCigna.com, or download the Apps & Activities mobile app, to engage in peer challenges or set up your personal activity goals. Set exercise goals that work for you and earn incentives for completing them. Connect the Apps & Activities app to your fitness tracker or manually enter your data. (Don’t have a fitness tracker? Enter this week’s raffle for one of six Series 3 Apple Watches.) Earn $50 per completed goal, up to eight per year. Get started.

  • Self-reporting healthy events is another way to earn incentives. You can earn $25 for each healthy event, up to three per quarter, and these can range from reporting an exercise goal you achieved, to reporting a preventive eye exam or even watching a Cigna EAP webcast. Learn more about healthy events.

To get started, visit myCigna.com and click on “Exercise” under the “Wellness tab.”


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