Three Pillars of Wellness

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Good For You! is SchoolCare and your employers' commitment to your health and wellness. SchoolCare has partnered with Viverae, a leading Health Management Provider, to offer best practice, evidence-based, achievable and fun wellness programs.

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Why Participate?

Our Good For You! Program is built on three pillars for total well-being. Through these pillars you can explore who you are, connect to wellness and HAVE FUN with your colleagues all while earning CASH!

Understand You

Understand You: Awareness


Build Awareness of your own personal health and wellness by...
Knowing your biometric numbers, completing a confidential health assessment & completing monthly questionnaires.

Understanding your own individual health is the first step towards embracing total well-being! This first pillar will help to educate you on where you stand while helping you come up with a game plan for the future.

What happens at Biometric Screenings?


Physician Lab Form Information
Physician Lab Form (Printable Form)
Health Assessment and Biometric Screening
Member Health Assessment
Biometric Screening Info
Print Biometric History
Take Action

Take Action: Education


Educate yourself on your own personal health and well-being by...
Speaking with a coach, attending a workplace wellness seminar, completing age/gender specific preventive screenings, participating in targeted health programs, webinars & online courses, utilizing EAP services and receiving a yearly flu vaccine.

It's time to connect with a Viverae Coach!

Have you taken your Member Health Assessment and completed your Biometrics? Engage with a Viverae Coach to take your well-being to the next level! Check on the below link for a video on what to expect.

How does coaching work?


Health Coaching Flyer
Preventive Care Recommendations
Healthwise Flyer

Need a Flu Shot?

Flu Shots can be arranged at the worksite, by your SchoolCare representative. SchoolCare subscribers and enrolled dependents are eligible to participate. For more information, pre-approval, and recommended vendors, send an e-mail to


Locate a Participating Pharmacy

Are you receiving phone calls from Cigna?

These calls are part of Cigna's Disease Management Program now called Personal Health Team. It's a great opportunity to talk to a medical professional one-on-one. If they call at an inconvenient time, take a minute to let them know what day and time would work best for you so you may take advantage of this resource.

Partner with Cigna to take a more active role in your health:

  • Discuss your health assessment results
  • Maintain better eating and exercise habits and manage or lose weight
  • Receive support and encouragement as you set and reach health improvement goals
  • Manage conditions better
  • Improve your lifestyle by coping with stress, quitting tobacco use, maintaining good eating habits, and managing or losing weight

One phone call lets you:

  • Access support 24 hours a day when you need medical treatment guidance, like how to treat a twisted ankle or your child's high fever
  • Understand preventive screenings and annual exams so you can learn more about how to get and stay healthy
  • Get help finding your way through the health care system and answering questions about your health care coverage

If you have a chronic condition - you can also work with Cigna to:

  • Create a personal care plan
  • Understand medications or your doctor's orders
  • Identify triggers that affect your condition
  • Get unbiased advice on treatment options so you and your doctor can make decisions that meet your health needs and work best for you

Don't wait for Cigna to call you.

Take charge of your own health & well-being! For live support with a Personal Health Coach call 1-855-246-1873, or for self-service visit

Need to talk to someone?

SchoolCare is committed to helping its members maintain an optimum quality of life. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential resource that helps you and members of your household deal with personal and family issues. The SchoolCare EAP offers consultation, support, information and planning, as well as referrals to professional resources in your community. There is no charge for these services.

The EAP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The EAP toll-free phone number is 1-877-622-4327. When calling, identify yourself as a SchoolCare member.

Stay Active

Stay Active: Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Make physical activity part of your lifestyle by...
Exercising on your own or at a gym, participating in peer and/or employer challenges, taking group fitness classes, completing a road race and syncing your device/app!


250k Steps Movement
Peer Challenges

Quarter 4 Has Begun! (April 1 - June 30) Spring Into Action With These New Resources:


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