The Pulse of SchoolCare, August 2020

Build a path toward total health with your doctor

Published August 4, 2020

Choose a doctor that fits your needs

It’s not required to select a Primary Care Provider (PCP) on your SchoolCare plan, however having one is a great resource for building a pathway toward total health. When choosing a doctor that fits your needs, you'll want to know if they are in-network and learn more about their expertise.  Cigna Care Designation is a convenient tool to help you find and compare options based on cost and experience. Log into under Find Care & Costs, then search for Doctor by Type and choose Primary Care Provider (PCP)*.

*Before you visit any provider or facility, Cigna recommends that you call ahead to confirm their network status, address, office hours, and that they are accepting new patients.

Establish a relationship

Building a connection with your doctor is largely based on trust and communication. Make the most of each appointment by asking the right questions and sharing information that will help your doctor provide better care.

Important questions to ask may include: 

  • Are there are any lifestyle changes I should make?
  • Can you explain more about that treatment/diagnosis?

  • Can you give me a cost estimate for the treatment?

  • Can I try the cheapest/generic option first?

  • Where can I learn more about this?

Helpful information to share may include: 

  • Your short and long-term wellness goals
  • Medical/family history

  • Any medications you currently take

  • A description of your lifestyle habits

Continue with yearly check-ups

Last, be sure to schedule your annual preventive exams. By attending yearly check-ups it’s easier to continue maintaining a relationship with your doctor and keep up with personal health goals.

NOTE: Preventive care is covered 100% under your SchoolCare/Cigna medical plan.

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