The Pulse of SchoolCare, March 2021

Eye Care: A healthy outLOOK

Published March 1, 2021

When it comes to keeping your vision clear and preventing eye disease, it’s important to take proactive measures. Just as visiting your doctor and dentist are significant to your overall health, getting regular eye exams is equally as important. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not only can your eye doctor determine nearsightedness and farsightedness, but they can also detect potential health risks and signs of chronic conditions, including diabetes and high cholesterol.

If you're ready to keep an "eye" out on your health, here are some healthy ways to get started:

  • Wear sunglasses. Just like your skin, UV rays can be harmful to your eyes. 
  • Look away from your computer screen. The CDC recommends following the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look away at least 20 feet from your screen for 20 seconds to refocus and avoid eye strain.  
  • Drink water. This helps to help maintain tear quality.
  • Eat healthy foods.  Foods such as dark leafy greens, avocados, carrots, and fish are healthful options. Click here for a list of more eye-healthy foods.
  • Stay active. Regular physical activity has been shown to decrease the risk of health conditions that can negatively affect your eyes such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

To get information on your vision coverage, log into your account under the Coverage tab.  Visit the Find Care & Costs tab to locate an in-network dentist near you.

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