Get your fill of New Hampshire in the summer and start earning wellness incentives

People enjoying hiking, kayaking, outdoor yoga and biking in the summerPublished July 31, 2023

New Hampshire in the summer offers a wide range of ways to get outdoors, get active and enjoy the beauty of the Granite State. And there is still plenty of time this summer to build your outdoor itinerary of fun ways to explore New Hampshire’s mountains, lakes, seacoast and everything between. Check out New Hampshire’s state parks for a variety of activities to help get started. 

Whether you are sticking with your favorite summer activities or want to get out and try something new, you can also get to work earning Good For You! Well-Being Program Incentives when you self-report healthy activities* in your myCigna portal. 

Explore NH’s trails  

You don’t have to hike a 4,000-foot mountain to get in a good cardio workout or find a spectacular view. Enjoy the vistas of New Hampshire’s mountains large and small, or get out for a walk, run, or bike ride along many miles of recreational rail trails between Colebrook and Nashua. These trails are generally flat with hard-packed or even paved terrain making them more navigable for those who may have mobility challenges.  

Dive in for fun in the water 

New Hampshire’s lakes, rivers, coastline, and harbors offer excellent ways to keep cool while working up a sweat. Take advantage of serene water amidst hundreds of lakes and ponds in New Hampshire to swim, canoe, kayak, or paddle board. Up for a different kind of challenge? Surf shops along the Seacoast offer surfboard and stand-up paddle board rentals, lessons, and group outings in the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure you know your abilities and are taking necessary safety precautions any time you are on the water, like knowing how to swim, wearing appropriate personal floatation devices and being aware of the current conditions of the water wherever you are.  

Participate in fun recreational sports 

As pickleball continues to sweep recreational facilities nationwide, there are a plethora of recreational athletic options statewide in which to partake. Tennis, golf, rock climbing, disc golf, softball, soccer, and others help kick up your heart rate and include social opportunities to play with friends or meet new people. Check out your local recreation department or nearby sports complex for adult leagues. Renew your love for an old favorite or expand your horizons with a new activity. 

Find your zen outdoors 

Love yoga or meditation? Bring your mat and your practice outside and soak up some sun and a bit of fresh air while you connect to some inner peace. Like practicing with friends? Do a search for outdoor classes near you for a guided session.   
*Self-reporting healthy events isn’t limited to athletic activities. Activities that contribute to your physical, social, emotional and financial well-being all qualify. Tap into your holistic health all year long and earn up to $100 per quarter in Good For You! Well-Being Program incentives. 

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