The Pulse of SchoolCare, December 2021

Keep Your Eyes Healthy With Annual Preventive Screenings


Published December 8, 2021

Getting a regular eye exam is just as important as keeping up with routine physicals to help keep your whole body healthy. Though your eyes may feel healthy and strong, many eye diseases have no symptoms or warning signs. Routine screenings allow your optometrist to notice changes and detect potential concerns early, when diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration can more easily be treated.

Did you know that as a SchoolCare medical plan participant your routine preventive care covers one eye exam every 365 days?

Whether your optometrist recommends an annual visit or a visit every couple of years, you never have to skip this important screening.

Did you also know?

You can see the optometrist of your choice.

There is no in-network requirement for who you can see for preventive screenings. That means you can see any licensed optometrist for an annual visit. One thing to consider – coverage for an eye injury or unexpected issue that comes up does require a visit to an in-network provider for coverage, so if you are looking for a new optometrist and want to be able to call on the same person in case of an unexpected visit, you might want to look at the directory for in-network providers for injury or disease. Login to or via the mobile app and click “optometrists” under “Find Care and Costs.”

You can earn a cash incentive for your routine appointment.

New this year, you can self-report a routine eye appointment as a healthy event in the Good For You! Well-Being Program and earn a $25 incentive.

The routine screening does not cover eye wear, but you may have a supplemental benefit.

Your SchoolCare Cigna medical plan does not cover hardware like glasses or contacts, however if your employer offers the SchoolCare VSP Vision plan and you elected coverage, you can purchase quality eyewear at a discounted price with low out-of-pocket costs. Learn more.


Learn more from the National Eye Institute about keeping your eye sight healthy and ways to safeguard from strain and injury.

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